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These Are the Things We Want to See in Girlboss Season 2

I've been following Sophia Amoruso for over two years. I knew about Nasty Gal before that, but I didn't know how it came about. Later on, I bought the #Girlboss book and a new world of possibilities was placed in front of me.

I liked #Girlboss because it showed the importance of sticking to what you are good at and that perseverance and hard work do pay off in the end. Sophia found a way to use her talents doing something she was passionate about. She figured out a way to use them to make a profit, and I feel like Girlboss (the show) didn't quite portray that enough.

I've been reading other articles with opinions on the show, and as a fan of Sophia and her work, I got a little butthurt from all the negative criticism I found.

I think what Netflix, Kay Cannon, Sophia Amoruso, Charlize Theron, and all the others involved did was create a fun-to-watch sitcom, which is completely fine! I watched the whole season in two nights because it was entertaining and easy to follow.

What I feel it was lacking was a more explicit focus on the part where she figures out how to grow her business.

I watched the first half of the show with my boyfriend, who sort of knew what was going on because I had talked about Sophia multiple times before, but he didn't get it. He felt that the TV version of Sophia was essentially a loser who was simply skating by in life until she happened to get lucky when she hit financial rock-bottom and needed a way out. And we all know the real Sophia had the talent to back up her early meandering through her early 20's.

There are some subtle lines that imply she knows what she's doing during the show, like when she was looking at some bid and said it wouldn't sell because of how it was presented, or when she figured out how to hire a model without spending lots of cash, or when she had the best way to show (Rose) Gail that she perfectly knew her target market. These, however, were so subtle that they got lost in the main plot.

What we would like to see in the second season of Girlboss is a more real Sophia -- a Sophia who struggles to figure out the ups and downs of a business and learns from that experience. Not so much a bratty millennial who decides to grow up in her own terms because she doesn't want to be a regular adult. We all love this, but the way it's been portrayed takes merit away from the real Sophia's accomplishments.

There are ways within the current plot that this could be shown, like when she has to face her competitors on eBay. I think that could've been a great way to show - more explicitly- the techniques she used to beat them. I'm not a sitcom writer, so I can't expand here, but it would be nice to see the more business-oriented attributes of Sophia.

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