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New Arrivals at West Elm and What We Think About Them

West Elm has released a new collection, and this one is waaaaay affordable! We absolutely love that!

So West Elm is known for their characteristic mid-century modern style, and this new collection doesn't fall far from that. It consists of simple, clean lines and it shows the function-before-form theory of the modernist movement.

Photo: Auburn Chair by West Elm

What I like about this line is how comfortable it looks. It seems to be designed for small spaces, especially for people who rent, because it provides easy assembly, and it looks light enough to be moved around. It's perfect for millennials who still don't own a house but want to bring some sophistication to their homes.

This collection consists of 3 pieces: the sofa, the chair and the ottoman; and it comes in 3 colors -- one of them is obviously West Elm's version of the millennial pink.

I really like how focused this collection is on millennials, it really speaks to our lifestyle and needs.

At Atelier Home Design, we are doing things focused on what millennials want and need, too, so this collection is right up our alley.

Photo: Auburn Sofa by West Elm

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments and share this article with your friends who are looking into updating their furniture!


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