• Andrea Orrego

How to Arrange Frames Over a Console Table

Arranging frames over a console is an easy way to draw attention to a wall by bringing some texture and layering to a room.

This technique can be suitable for many different rooms in your home like the living room, any bedroom, powder room, office or even a nook in the kitchen!

The following options will give you ideas on how to do it and you can always mix and match as long as you have this piece of knowledge in mind.


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Creating a Focal Point

Pick one element of the arrangement that will be the focal point, the protagonist, of the composition. It's important to keep in mind that this piece will be the one main thing in the arrangement so no other pieces should try to compete with it.

You can accomplish this by:

Scale- picking one big element that will stand out from anything else;

Color- you can combine different elements with different sizes but keeping one color palette and then choosing one other element in a contrasting color; or

Position- where you put the elements matters. While arranging frames on the wall you'll see that whatever piece you center at eye level will be the first one to stand out, so make sure that you do this on purpose. Balance the rest of the elements around that piece.

how to arrange a console- focal point

Console table: Restoration Hardware

Brass Obelisk: Restoration Hardware

Bronze Rhino: Restoration Hardware

Mid-Century Bird: West Elm

Boudoir Nude Art: Anthropologie

Moroccan Tile Art: Anthropologie

You can play with the elements and different ways of balancing them until you get to one perfect master piece!

It's important to remember the elements don't need to be symmetrical as long as you make sure they are balanced.

Have fun mixing and matching!

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