• Andrea Orrego

So you love Mid-Century/ Modern decor...

What is it about this style that is so appealing to so many?

It is not that hard to see, really.

Modernism invokes an era of functionality. This was the revolution from molding and added pieces that served no function and had no purpose.

The modern style is about clean lines. It's about finding a "why" behind every shape and like our friend Mies van der Rohe would say: "Less is More".

This is the beginning of essentialism and minimalism as we know them today.

How do you apply the Mid-Century style to your spaces? It is not as hard as you imagine. There are many reproductions of the original furniture pieces that were design in this time. Some places like West Elm came up with their own furniture line inspired by this era.


Not sure if Mid-Century is your thing? Try this quiz and find out your true style!


The key is to keep a simple arrangement. The combination of raw materials like brick, steel and wood in very simple lines will set you up for greatness.

You can add some furniture that combines steel and leather to add some character and make sure that lighting fixtures and any other additional pieces you might have are simple shaped (geometric, essentially) and that every piece in the room serves a purpose.

You don't want to overwhelm the space by adding too many things.

Check out this mid-century bedroom from West Elm's blog:


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