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How does an introvert overcome interaction fear?

As soon as I knew what an introvert is, I knew I was one. Always having a perfect conversation planned in your head but never knowing how to actually setting it on course, feeling like you might say something wrong so instead of interacting you remain quiet, having people mistake your “shyness” for arrogance: that has been me throughout my whole life.

I’ve been able to break out of my shell with very few people, usually people that I feel are going through the same as I am or people who understand what’s going on and approach me. That has helped me be a little bit more outgoing and get to know some really great people.

Now I’m going through a new phase in life. I’m setting foundations for what I want to be in the future and where I want to be. I’ve come to realize that it’s important to be more open to others and that we all have important things to share that could be incredibly valuable to someone else; so I need to be better at making connections.

I’ve been researching about ways an introvert can overcome that fear, and this is what I’ve found:

Grow a pair

I can say this has helped me before in various situations. Whenever entering a new social setting and having to introduce myself to someone else I tend to panic. I feel like I have nothing to talk about or feel I need to force a conversation. Though, the times that I have told myself I could do it and that it was the same thing as talking to someone you already knew, things ended up working better than I thought. Sometimes all it takes is believing in yourself and growing confidence from within you. It’s always been there, you just have to let it out and realize there’s no need for drama.

“Did you know that modern scientific and psychological studies prove that when you interpret difficultly, uncomfortable situations as “challenges” and “adventures,” we are better able to cope with stress and anxiety?” –lifehack.org

You’ve got the ability to focus, use it!

We are the kind of people that can sit doing one thing for hours while our minds go wild and think of many different ways of accomplishing that task. Things end up feeling like games instead of work. What if we used that same concept towards social interaction?

“That thing you’re afraid to do is really just calling for persistent action – one step taken after another until it’s done. If the thing you want to do is something that you’re intensely passionate about, make use of your tendency to lose yourself in the task and take the first step even if doing so makes you feel terrified.” -introvertspring.com

You don’t need the numbers, but you can use the quality

​You don’t need to be liked by everyone you meet, you don’t even need to know everyone you meet but make sure that those who you are letting in see the best of you. Sometimes you’ll meet the right person you needed to know through someone else so if it’s already hard for you to network and make connections, make sure that the ones you already have will give a good reference about you. Be your true self and be honest in the way you approach others and things will turn out better than you expect.

““We’ve entered an era in which what you really want is ‘other-people promotion.’ The people who have the most impact aren’t the ones who are promoting themselves. They’re the ones that other people are promoting.”- career-advice.monster.com

Hope this helps and I’ll see you soon!

XOXO, Andrea


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