• Andrea

From Over Achiever to Not Give a F*er

We have all been there: new semester in school, new job, new project, and new situation. You really have every intention to make things different this time, to make sure people get the right impression of you and to be remembered as the most wonderful version of yourself.

A couple of weeks in, you realize you don't have the same energy. Maybe you were giving so much of yourself to begin with that you ran out of fuel. Maybe you got to know the people around you better and realized they were easily impressed without putting so much effort in. Maybe you realized that no matter how much effort you put, the results won't vary because you aren't recognized by it. Whatever the situation is, your motivation changed and you don't feel like giving it all any more.

What to do now? Quit? Move on to the next project? Or use this moment and this opportunity to prove yourself and anyone else that no matter what you can still excel?

Here's a list of things you can do to get your initial mojo back and prove yourself that no matter how frustrating or disappointing a situation is, you still got it. You still own the outcome and you will make sure it is the best in any situation and in every situation.

1. Remember why you started that new thing

Try to go back to the beginning. Now picture yourself being happy about the new opportunity that was just presented. Remember how grateful you were you got the chance to do that and how much you wanted to prove everyone that this was going to be good for you. Is it really worth throwing it all away for little things that are external? I don't think so.

2. Picture yourself succeeding

If you give up right now you will always be thinking "what if..." What if you hadn't given up on the many projects, opportunities, etc. that you already gave up on? Would life have been different for you now? What if you had put as much energy as you did in the beginning to the rest of the process? Do you think the results would have been different? I think they would've and I think you would've felt proud of yourself for accomplishing that.

3. Think about your role models and your mentors

It is hard picturing yourself living the life Beyoncé lives, I know. She is way beyond awesome and we all wish we were her. The thing we don't often think about is that she started out being just an ordinary human being like the rest of us. Of course she is incredibly talented, but what you don't know is that so are you. You might not be able to dance and sing like she does but I bet you are just as talented doing something else that can take you just as far if you put the same amount of effort that she puts into her goals.

4. We have all been there, you are not alone

Talk to a friend, talk to a relative, talk to a counselor. Talk to someone that will give you a little spark to activate your batteries again. We all go through struggle, so anyone will be able to relate to you. Sometimes it's easier to go through your problems (as insignificant as you think they might be) if you talk to the right person. A good friend will be able to encourage you to keep going and will make times that seem hard feel not as hard.

5. You are your own boss and the main voice you listen to

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you would tell another person in that situation: "Yo, are you really going to let this opportunity slide because you are being lazy or can't confront your fears? How many more times are you going to let this happen? Isn't it time you turn this moment into an opportunity?" That simple.

I hope this helps you go through the struggle of achieving what you want. Stay posted for more advice and other information.