• Andrea

Decorating with little to no budget

As many of you know. I finally got an apartment in Snowmass Colorado. It is 3 blocks away from my office and I am so so happy to finally have my own place. Here is the thing: it came furnished.

I know what you are thinking, that is a great thing! and yes, it is! But for an "obssed about design" person like me, having someone else's taste on decor in the home I always dreamed about is not that awesome. The landlord wouldn't take his furniture so I had two options: rent a storage unit or deal with it. I did not want to put extra money on top of my rent every month for something that is really not necessary so I opted to deal with it.

I'm going to be making little changes every month to make sure I don't go crazy and spend more money than I have on decor. Here is the first little change I made.

The "Oh So Wonderful" IKEA

Ikea released their 2016 catalogue not so long ago and it is full of inexpensive wonders that will make your space look great.

The first thing I wanted to bring to my living room is some life with plants. These Ikea stackable hanging planters did the trick for me. I got to plant all my cooking herbs in there and some other plants in different levels.

The next thing I wanted was some matching picture frames. I wanted to get different sizes but the same color. I wanted, also, to match the planters since they were going to be hanging next to them.

The Ikea Riba frames in white were my choice:

To see the results of the first corner I designed, check out Instagram @0110_atelier.

See you soon!