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A Little Bit More Inside

What can you expect from this free downloadable book? Some awesome stuff.

First of all, it will have a clear step by step guide to set up your goals, timing and relevace of each of them.

Included in the guide, you will find some pre-made maps to fill in with your personal goals, so you don't even need to do it yourself in another notebook. You can do it all in here!

It will also have a guide for new better thoughts and habits to include in your everyday routine.

Like I've said in my previous posts, I did not invent any of this. It is all a summary of many different motivational authors, #girlboss -es, and inspiring human beings who already talk about this in their podcasts, websites, webinars, etc. What I'm doing here is just cleaning up all the info and giving it to you already processed.

So, as this information is not my own, I will also include links to this people's profiles and a little summary of what they each taught me.

I hope this is something you will use in your personal life because it helped me more than I can put in words.

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