• Andrea Orrego

Don't Lose Hope

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been a little bit absent these last days. I have great news, though! I finally got an apartment. That was the next milestone I in my goal chart and it finally happened! It was a crazy story too. I had been really worried and sad because I hadn’t been able to find a new place in this area. I have been driving 60 miles to get to work and then 60 miles to go back home. Every place I tried to get was rented in within hours, giving me no chance to even go see it. To be honest, I was starting to lose hope. I had all these negative thoughts about never finding a place and having to drive those 120 miles through the snow in the winter time.

Once again, the universe proved to me that I can achieve anything I set my mind into. I saw the ad on the paper for this condo in the same area where I work (little did I know it was only 3 blocks away from my office!). I texted the number and got no answer at all. I thought it was probably rented already. The next day, looking for a new ad, found that same one and decided to give it another shot. I called the number this time and talked to the owner. He ended up being really good friends with my boss!

I went to see the apartment later that day but he let me know that he had 10 people interested in it already. However, he seemed to like me and of course the fact that he knew my boss was a big factor. That very same night, he called me and let me know that the condo was mine if I wanted it!

What are the odds that one of my boss’s friends would be renting a condo 3 blocks away from my office? Good things do happen if you are in the right mindset. It seems that I keep attracting all the things I want and need. My life is finally progressing the way that I want.

This is my weekly advice to you: don’t lose hope. I was just proven again that there is no need to worry. There’s only the need to go for what you want.

Check out my Instagram throughout this week to see pics of my new place!




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