• Andrea Orrego

This is How

Hello everyone!

Ok, last post we talked about setting up your first steps, how to visualize what you want and discover why you want things. Today we are going to set up a goal board and learn some hacks to always keep our mind in the right track. This is the “how”.

Setting up a goal board:

Grab the list you made with the last post and look at it again. How can you turn all those “wants” into specific achievements?


Download a template for this and all the steps you need HERE.


Let’s start with the simplest: money. We all want more money, but how do we want to access to it? Think about a real possible thing that you truly believe can happen. “To win the lottery” doesn’t usually work because most of us don’t believe in it even when we want to. (Yes, of course I tried many times) Think about something like your dream job.

Now let’s divide that board into 3 parts: Short, medium and long term goals. What follows will depend on what you believe can happen and what that dream job is. If it is a life long journey, set it as a long term goal. If it is something that can happen in a year or two set it as a medium term goal. If it only depends on sending out a resume and an interview, it is a short term goal.

Now think about the things that you will need to do to get that job. Those can be arranged in the other parts of the board. The dream job is represented in black and the brown ones are the ones that you think will take you there.

This same process can be repeated in a smaller scale for each individual goal. For example, to get hired in a renowned corporation, I need to first send resumes, and then go to interviews and so on.

The most important thing about this board is that you set a date for your goals, something that realistic for you, but also challenging to give you the necessary drive. Repeat this process with each one of the items in your first steps list.

The next thing you need to do is to keep these goals in mind! Make sure that everything you do is in order to achieve what you want. Make some new habits. We all have good and bad habits, so if we take one of the bad ones and turned them into something good that will help us get where we want to be, then you’ll be set! Make those bad habits that you want to change trigger the new ones. For example, next time I bite my nails I will remember I have to breathe deep and relax. Or next time I get mad at my spouse for something silly I’ll remember I should be appreciative of what they do for me and make sure they know I am.

Sooner than later, you’ll remember to do the good things before even acting. Your bad habits will be gone and you’ll get something good out of it. If you think this won’t work for you, you can always leave sticky notes around you reminding you to be thankful, or more organized. You can set up alarms or events in your phone to remind you to go kiss your kids and let them know you love them. Sometimes, those alarms will ring right in the middle of an argument, and remind you that the important thing is that you love them, and not that they didn’t pick up their toys.

I hope this helped you guys! Keep posted for more advice, inspiration and other goodies to come!

PS: Most of this material was taken from Brendon Burchard and Dave Graziosi ‘s podcasts.