• Andrea Orrego

Taking Your First Steps

First of all, I’m not taking credit for any of the following information I’m sharing with you. All of this is a summary I made from Dean Graziosi’s podcasts. Click on the link so you can hear it better from him.

Before you go forward and try to change anything, try to understand your current state better. Learn to appreciate the little things around you and the people around you.

Seize your life in five aspects: money, time, career, love and passion. Think about where you are right now in those aspects. Are you satisfied with them?

Before you answer this question, make a list of all the good things you do have in these aspects.


This is just a random example but did you notice how I listed only positive statements? Using positive statements without the “no” word shifts your mind. It makes you think: “Man, I do have something going on already” and helps you appreciate everything a little bit more.

Take a look at your list again. Now think about where you want to be in every aspect. Write it next to it.


This is your first map of where you want to go. However, it’s not complete. You always knew about these things in a way or another, and yet you are still not there.

Picture this: you go get food because you are hungry; you go get gas because you need it for your car. You KNOW why you need those things so you go get them. Why do you need the things you just listed above? Have you ever thought about it?

Think about a truly important reason why you want these things. A reason that is so important to you, you’ll go and do it even if you are feeling lazy, tired or sick. It could be something like: “I don’t want to ever stress about this again” or “I want to do it for my children”. Any reason counts as long as it has a unique important value to you. List these reasons next to your statements.

Just thinking about it makes you feel like you want to go get those things done right away, right?

“If you don’t do something different today, what will change tomorrow?” – Dean Graziosi

Now you know “Why”. Figuring out how will be way easier and if you still think you can’t do it on your own, my next post will definitely help you.

See you next week!