• Andrea Orrego

Introducing Myself

Last week I introduced my company: what we do and what you can expect from our products and blog. Today I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Andrea. I'm an architect, designer, entrepreneur and Zumba instructor. However, until a month ago, I wouldn't have said so much of myself.

I moved to Colorado from Lima, Peru in December 2013. I had just graduated college and gotten my degree in architecture. I moved here because this is where my (then) fiancé is from and we decided this is where we wanted to live.

Even though we knew this is where we would stablish ourselves, we didn’t know exactly how. So when I came here in December, it was only to figure out things and find the best way to proceed with papers. We learned that the immigration process is really slow and that if we wanted to do it from Peru, it would take longer. So the decision was to get married here and get things going.

It was an unplanned wedding, just went and signed some papers. My parents were kind enough to drop everything and come witness the two whole minutes it took for us to get married.

After that, things got really slow and frustrating for me.

I didn’t have a work permit, so I wasn't making any money. My husband's income was enough to support us and pay for our bills, but we didn't have room for anything else. For over a year I was jobless, feeling useless and stupid. That feeling took over me and made me believe I was worth nothing!

One day in February this year, I saw a Facebook add for a Hilary Rushford class on how to be successful in a creative profession. That was the beginning of everything.

I had been thinking and planning 0110 Atelier for a long time but didn't know where to take it or how! That class (webinar) opened my eyes and heart and put my mind in the right path.

After having a shift in my mindset, little things started happening and I found myself surrounded by all the tools I needed to change my life for better.

One day I got an email for another webinar. This one was Dean Graziosi and things just started happening for me. After Dean's class I made a short, medium and long term plan (set of goals) of what I wanted in my life and how I was going to get there.

Today I went back to my short term plan. It was set to be in between May 18th and June 30th. I was actually able to check all the boxes in there!

So this is me, an ordinary 26 year old girl who had all the odds against her and felt miserable until she decided it wouldn't be like that anymore. Now I can call myself all of the things I checked in my box because I did it!

The best part is I can help you get where you want to get, the same way I did it for myself. Follow the blog for tips, advice, inspiration and step guides!