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Hi! I'm so glad to have you here at 0110 Atelier. I'm really excited about this site. I've been working on it and preparing it for a long, long time. So, I really appreciate you clicking here and finding out all the cool things we have to offer.

Our following posts will be DIY projects, inspirational projects and new great ideas for decorating and putting spaces together.

As some of you know, we are based in Colorado. This state has a unique way of seeing life. It inspires you to bring nature into your living spaces and to give back to nature by being sustainable and eco-friendly. So, that's the sprit we adopted!

We try to give back to nature by hand-picking the wood and other materials in our pieces and making sure they weren't invasively subtracted. We get wood that has been naturally disposed, like beetle kill trees, dead logs abandoned by ant colonies, etc.

So stay tuned and we will post more about eco-friendly ways of decorating spaces and bringing a little bit of nature indoors!

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