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a quick and simple guide to designing your dream space like a professional



Learn how to use all of these design principles and how to apply them easily:

-Proportion and Balance
-Texture and Color
-Trend vs. Timeless Style
-Visual Clutter
-Putting It All Together
-Feng Shui Concepts


and more!


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“My main problem with design is that I always spend so much time dealing with everyone else's clutter, that there never seems to be time or energy to get to actual design. My office is the only room that's ever really been completely designed - and it feels like it needs a facelift/shift of energy. Second is that I know what looks and feels good, but it takes me a ton of trial and error to get there. I needed information to help me get to the finished product faster.


This guide gave me the information I needed to take out a lot of guess-work earlier in the process. Thank you!


What I love about this guide is the rundown on Feng Shui. I've always wanted to know more and find ways to incorporate it into my home. Energy flow is a big deal to me and my house current is a huge energy suck.


My life is a little better now because I feel more inspired to deal with everyone else's stuff permanently so I can have my good energy flow back.


I would recommend this guide. It has a lot of information in one place. I've done a lot of googling to try to piece together everything that is right here."


—  Rebecca Mogg, Empowering Modern Mom

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